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If you have landed on this webpage chances are you are planning to make your own beats and are looking for a good software to help.

Beat Making SoftwareThanks to techno geniuses, now you can turn your PC or MAC into a full-fledge recording studio. No more spending thousands of dollars on booking a recording studio or hiring a producer to mix beats for you; now all you need is a Beat Making software that requires your computer and MIDI keyboard only and set you for producing incredible jazz, hip hop, dance, house, rap, R&B, jungle, rock, pop, and Reggaeton tunes from the comfort of your home.

But before you go on and start with just about any beat making software, here are the things you need to consider.

1. Interface:

If you can’t learn it, you can’t use it, no matter how awesome and fancy your software is. First educate yourself with the basic terminologies. Once you know your way, learning how to use a beat maker is just a week’s job. Having the right interface can help you tremendously with producing flawless sounds.

First, the best beat making software have unlimited track editing, or editing layers ability, so that users aren’t bound by space.

Second, they have a drag-and-drop feature so that one can grab a sound or effect and just drag it onto the editing timeline.

Third, they allow Musical typing, a feature that turns your traditional keyboard into a virtual piano if you don’t have your own MIDI keyboard.

2. Hi-Quality Sound:

Good beat makers software come with thousands of unique, high-quality sounds in wav format for user to put, edit and mix into their beats. This feature is what seals a deal for me.

You might want to get a beat maker which own a library jam-packed with over 1000 or so sounds. Some of the ones we reviewed even had over to 2,000 sounds, with an option to adjust each one with effects such as chorus, delay and vocal reduction. These effects add depth in your beat and make it more foot tapping.

You should also look out for audio looping, a features that lets you to create a musical loop, probably between one and four bars in length, with an ability to repeat itself, helping remove the tediousness of playing the same part repeatedly and eliminating room for human error.

3. Incoming Beats:

Here comes yet another important feature to consider in beats making software.

If a guest comes to your home, do you send them back for the wrong slippers? Absolutely Not! We keep our doors open. The basic purpose of your beat making is sharing, getting more and more people to like it. We don’t want to deny only because their system doesn’t support our format. So one of the signs of a best beat maker is it lets you export and convert sounds in various formats including mp3, WAV and FLAC files.

4. Budget:

Price is a deciding factor for many when it comes to which beat maker to get. If you have got money, world is your oyster, you can get yourself top of the line beat maker worth tens of thousands, but if like most of us you are on a tight budget then you may need to do a little leg work and reading.

If you’re into making dub step songs and trippy electronic music, the right software will charge you a little under $100. The other regular ones are around $40 each.

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